[Discuss] MyBB 1.2.11 Released - IMPORTANT Security Update
apa Wrote:Patched. All works fine, but it still says the version is 1.2.10.

Is this normal?
Did you edit / upload a new /inc/class_core.php ?

flick Wrote:Patched, thanks! Big Grin IT happened to coincide with the my host's SQL having a slight downtime, which might have been lucky?
This patch only affects the PHP files, and has nothing to do with your MySQL server (well, in this sense). Toungue

alt3rn4tiv3 Wrote:By the way, thanks for all those who helped me check out JobForums. I fixed the problem by deactivating the SpiceFuse SEO plugin. Although this seems to have solved the problem, I don't know why did the problem occur in the first place, or why despite me clearing my cache, using local proxies, etc, I still could see the page / post threads / posts just fine (along with a few other people).

In any case, I installed the Dynamic Meta plugin and modified it to include forum names / descriptions in the meta keywords tag. Although I can't use the SEO-friendly URLs from the SpiceFuse SEO plugin, I guess I'll wait for MyBB 1.4 to be released. Smile

Thanks to all who helped again!
This update doesn't actually touch or affect index.php at all, so it's unlikely to be the problem.
Could be the plugin doing some version checks or something...

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