[Discuss] MyBB 1.2.11 Released - IMPORTANT Security Update
metalappie Wrote:Not sure if it's relevant to this security issue but I patched the forums last night (which went smoothly) and this morning I noticed this really odd PHP file in the inc directory. It was called ._class_parser.php, but when I checked the file it didn't contain any PHP code but just some unreadable garbage. I'm now wondering if some idiot actually tried hacking our forums or was this just a corrupt file?

Forums still work great though, I'm just wondering if this could have been some hacker trying to use the exploits described in this announcement?

I have this file also, but it was uploaded the same day that I uploaded everything else when I changed hosts, so I agree with tmhai that it's from the ftp software.

Anyway, I upgraded and the SEO mod seems to be working, as well as my index page, so the upgrade was successful.
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