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Should be a very interesting read, I look forward to future posts Smile
that's not a bug, thats an unexpected feature

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That's great!
Thank you!
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Thank you very much.
I will answer lots of questions, and make us even more eager to have the release.
Also, this should be a very intersting reading.
Thanks Chris.

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sory for my english .
wow thıs ıs excıtıng ı ask a questıon thıs ıs be ın 1.4 versıon
So we finally got you guys to cave in about releasing 1.4 info. Toungue

I kid, I kid.

Being serious, this should be pretty cool. Smile
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So when's the first post? Toungue
Wow, neat! Cool stuff, Chris. I'm looking forward to read the planned posts. Smile
it appears to me like css url are wrong:

http://www.mybboard.net/assets/lightview.css <----> http://mybboard.net/assets/lightview.css
http://www.mybboard.net/assets/screen.css <----> http://mybboard.net/assets/screen.css

you have to remove the www so css can do its work Big Grin

UPDATE: now they work Big Grin
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