Moving domain
Hi, i was directed to a guide 'moving hosts' when iasked about moving domain. my old domain is and my new
I have been following the guide but have got stuck and this is my problem:

ok i am having trouble with phpmyadmin, i got to import and it says Import has been successfully finished, 0 queries executed.

but no tables appear and when i go to the url i get this:
MySQL error: 1146
Table 'chat00_chat.mybb_datacache' doesn't exist
Query: SELECT title,cache FROM mybb_datacache

i done everything it says to do in the guide. I have even checked to make sure the new database is in the config.php

Has anyone got any ideas?



Could you open the file you exported, and tell if there is any data in it? If not, would you be able to export the database again from your old host?, as it seems the file isn't fully complete/damaged.

Hi do you mean the forum file? or the databse?


Your MySQL database Smile.

Chris Wrote:Your MySQL database Smile.

It would apear to be empty. I went into my forum acp and back databse as it said on the guide and downloaded, i made sure i clicked select all and the correct options.

I have attached it incase i am missing something


Ok, do you still have your database on the old host? If so, do you have access to the database mangement software called "phpMyAdmin"?

yes and yes.

Instead of donwloading the back from the forum acp, i have just downloaded the database from mysql management and uploaded that to the new databse but i still get the error.

Did the file still download empty? Would you be to open a support ticket with your (old) host and explain the problem?

Hi it was not empty this time. I could ask my hosts, it is with the same people just a different domain.
If, you want, I could try importing it for you.

If you could pm me your hosts login details (phpMyAdmin) and I'll have a go.

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