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flash.tato Mod / Plugin List
Hi 2 all,

here is the list of all Mod / Plugin for MyBB created by me.

All plugins made by me are available for free and you are free to re-use some piece of code in your plugins or scripts but you can't claim them as your work Rolleyes

If you want to donate to the developer
Do you think my work is good and you want to stimolate me in developing still for MyBB you can do it via PayPal by donating a small fee to me or you can help me in promoting this plugin.

[Image: btn_donateCC_LG.gif]

Plugins (1.6 Series)

Tagging Plugin!
This plugin allows you to tag users in posts, then a PM will be sent to them!

myUserTitle Plugin!
Allows the usage of MyCode for User Title.

WaterMark Plugin!
This plugin adds a watermark into images attachments.

Plugins (1.4 Series)

MediaWiki Integration!
Integrates MyBB user table into MediaWiki. Not maintaned!
Use this:

HexBox Plugin!
HexBox Plugin! will allow you to post Hex Dump in your forum in a nice way.

ThreadRedirect Plugin!
This plugin add the ability to redirect an user when it came on certain thread instead of creating new forums.

StripMail Plugin!
This plugin strip all email addresses found in post.

NotifyMovedThread Plugin!
Sends a PM to thread authors when their thread is moved into a new forum.

xSpy Plugin!
Spy users when they write new posts.

MyPlaza Turbo Modules

NewThreadTemplate Module! Not maintaned as MyPlaza is not an active project!
Adds a new item into MyPlaza, for more details go to the link. Wink

Plugins (1.2 Series)

MultiLanguage Plugin!
This plugin will allow you to make multi-langual post by adding new tags with a language identifier.

DokuMyBB Plugin!
This is a plugin for allowing DokuWiki sharing the same user table with MyBB to avoid 2 registration, otherwise it will not bridge the session so you'll have to login in both system.

ShowFirstPost Plugin!
This plugin will allow to make first post of thread visible in next pages too.

That's all folks!
Although I haven't used any, they look like some great plugins Smile

Thanks for your contributions!
New Plugin available: StripMail
I might use the stripmail plugin. Thanks! Big Grin
"A common mistake that people make when trying to design something completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools." - Doug Adams
New plugin ShowFirstPost available. Wink

Enjoy it.
New version of ThreadRedirect plugin available.
I really likes your thinking man!
those are really great plugins that are also simple Smile
Creativity is a drug I cannot live without.
[Image: 1]Support PM will be ignored
I wanted to give an advice for my plugins.

I decided to make them compatible with MyBB 1.4 only, so old version (aka for MyBB 1.2) will not be maintaned and i'll not give a link where downloading them.

Today i started upgrading my plugins, i'll release them when MyBB 1.4 will be out or later, just the time to learn how to deal with new plugin system and to improve them.
Hi, i'm here to give you one bad and another good news.

The bad is that i didn't upgrade all my plugins due to a lack of time that i'm spending off from PC and the time which i spend at PC is spent for another project.

The good is that i upgraded and optimized threadredirect and i'll be releasing it in next days and i understand how to deal with new plugin system and entire MyBB Code.
From today i'll start to port my old plugins and write others. Smile

HexBox Plugin! released.

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