Any Gallery Mods? (I know again)
(2008-07-10, 02:11 AM)labrocca Wrote:
Quote:I seriously doubt there will be an image gallery ever coming out as a mod.

I stated before that a Gallery is planned. While I don't expect it to be nearly as complex as Coppermine it will be functional. And realize it could be many months before it's actually released. I have a great deal of projects I plan to put out for 1.4 that are substantial.

You can see here though that I have a good record of releasing plugins:


Yer... Thats a good record!

Glad to see someone is trying to get one out. Nice.

I dont mind how long it will take. I am in no hurry anymore as the site it was ment for will not change to MyBB, they have been on phpBB for years now and are bit stuben to change. I have treid everything, but no look. The gallery might be good for my forum tho, will see.

You could include the lightbox plugin. So when in included the image in your post it would give the code for the lightbox plugin. Just a idea Smile

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