is there any way to make hoteditor works with mybb 1.4
(2008-08-14, 07:52 PM)GG-Xtreme Wrote: I am attempting to register on your site, please activate the user "GG-Xtreme".
Ok, well looking at the signature page, the line breaks in the editor section of the template are missing (in other words, everything is on one line causing comments to break the rest of the code), and I imagine this is causing the problems with the newthread.php as well. Try pasting the template modifications from the text file using a different text editor than notepad, such as Wordpad, or make sure View>Word wrap is turned off when viewing the file. Once the templates have been fixed up, it should work properly.

i followed the instructions and double check the templete edit , but still same problem can't find a text area to write ,

your account is activated , you can try it your self ,

i have created a test account

login : test
Password : 123456

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