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[MyBB 1.4.1] "Display posts using the classic layout"
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No matter what the 'Post layout' setting is set to in the Show Thread Options in the Admin CP, the horizontal post layout is always displayed. Now, no offense to the MyBB team and those that like the horizontal post layout, but I hate it and I will keep my forums closed until I get the classic post layout back.
Edit: Ok, someone figured out that the update reset the individual values for this setting for each user. However, I can't access this value from the Admin CP (only from the User CP). I would just run an SQL query, but I need to force every user to use the classic post layout without even giving them the option, and it's pretty stupid that any user can override the admin settings. Please fix this.
Edit: Ok, I have modified the templates to remove the option, but new user registrations automatically revert to the horizontal post layout. I don't know why someone moved this from the bug report forums, because there shouldn't be an option in the Admin CP if it doesn't do anything.

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[MyBB 1.4.1] "Display posts using the classic layout" - by GG-Xtreme - 2008-08-18, 06:56 PM

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