Customized nickname instead of username
Hi. For my forum i need every displayed username change to nickname, that each user enters in his/her profile. Yesterday i was trying to make this, but i discovered, that's is nearly impossible to do this without modificating original mybb code. I got covered most of the places, but some doesn't have right hook to use.

So i'm wondering if there is some other way how to do this. First idea is hook to the 'pre_output_page' and change every link leading to member profile. My regular expression catches only plain links, but if there is customized format, it's not working. I have this:


Can someone help me to extends this, so i can cover every link ? I guess i don't need extract that format, because i got uid so i can get original format.

Second idea is modication of build_profile_link function, where i can put hook to use. I was wondering if development team can put hook there for future versions, so i can upgrade forum without breaking my funcionality.

If you have any other ideas how to archive this, please tell me. Sorry for my english...

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Customized nickname instead of username - by Fredy - 2008-09-07, 08:33 AM

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