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[F] SQL error in usergroups management in ACP [C-Michael83]
Hi folks,

I just installed a fresh MyBB 1.4.2 and included German language files, now, when in the ACP, selecting the usergroups management, I end up with an SQL error and a collapsing style - this happens on no other page except this.

Some data in hope that it could be of any help to you:

MyBB version: 1.4.2
PHP version: 5.2.6-3
SQL engine: PostgreSQL 8.3.3
Browser: Mozilla Firefox 3.0.1

The corresponding URL/parameter is:

This it what it looks like (please excuse the fact that I use German language):

- collapsed template (zoomed out a bit to show the collapsed template itself)
- SQL error message

In the second screenshot "ungültige Eingabesyntax für ganze Zahl" would probably mean "invalid syntax for integer value" (as far as I interprete it).

Any help would be very appreciated, thanks a lot!


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[F] SQL error in usergroups management in ACP [C-Michael83] - by vxl - 2008-09-24, 08:23 PM

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