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(2008-10-05, 02:13 AM)lufbra Wrote: Where do I start! Toungue

Well for starters, the MyBB Copyright needs fixing.

The background "image" doesn't look right.

The forums titles text needs a lot of work.

The "refreshing" feature is so annoying!

Just an IMHO, it's your forum. Smile

ya i was adding some tools and i got stucked in footer so i need to raplace the footer i'm sorry but i'll fix it soon as possiable
backgroung image was built for the 1024*768 but now its fixed and it works fine now
hmm about the title image is fixed i guess pls inform me if it still looks boored
any way i'm very great full for your opinion
(2008-10-05, 03:57 AM)danrulz98 Wrote: I like the background image. The music is a little annoying and with the Klite codec, I can't control it...

ya i understood it too i made the tool kit but not i set it only to the selected users they can choose weather they want it or not from there usercp
thanks for our opinion
if you realize each and every icon in the home page is changed
if you realize i have changed each and every icon in the index+ all the smilies Smile
please give your comments
i am just learning so i need some members to test my load in the forum how can i find members
is there any free .com domain registers else what is the cheapest domain registers

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