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[F] Mass deleting posts via search [C-Chris]
There is a problem with mass deleting posts via the search if the post is the first post in a thread. Instead of the entire thread being deleted, only the first post is deleted.

Reproduction steps:
  1. Make a few threads with 2 or more posts in it
  2. Search those posts with the "Show Results as: Posts" option selected
  3. Select those posts that are the first post of the thread and click "Delete Posts" from the Inline moderation options.
  4. Click Confirm to continue with the process.
  5. Go back and check the posts you just deleted, and you'll see the threads and the rest of their posts are still there

It needs to check if it's the first post of the thread and delete the entire thread if so.


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[F] Mass deleting posts via search [C-Chris] - by Ryan Gordon - 2008-11-02, 05:17 PM

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