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[F] Promotions
I am sure I am using it in a way that's a bit out of the ordinary. I am promoting a secondary group only based on a primary group. Also many of my users have up to 8 additional secondary groups which now appear to get deleted. You just might not notice if you don't have a lot of secondaries for your members.
Okay trying my best here...

				$log_inserts[] = array(
					'pid' => $promotion['pid'],
					'uid' => $user['uid'],
					'oldusergroup' => $user['additionalgroups'],
					'newusergroup' => $promotion['newusergroup'],
					'dateline' => TIME_NOW,
					'type' => "secondary",

Seems that needs to be sure that "newusergroup" also adds original groups to "newusergroup" and not just the promotion group. The query before it needs to check to see if the user is already in the newgroup to avoid duplication.

I have some debugging setup so if you want to hop on IM with me we can work some of this out hopefully.
Well looks like my report is part Bug and part Bogus. Ryan has helped me sort some things out.

1. admincp doesn't paginate for promotion logs
2. the promotion system under certain circumstances will repeatedely promote a user which just wastes a query and adds a log entry

Doesn't appear that additional groups are overwritten as I had thought though.

Thank to Ryan Gordon for his efforts and patience.

Hopefully he will post bug fixes here soon enough.

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