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[F] IPB 2.3.6 Test Conversion(Merge)
I downloaded the current merge system SVN snapshot and ran a test conversion from IPB 2.3.6 this evening. So far, everything has gone according to plan except for one error. When attempting to convert posts, I experienced a MYSQL error that a column that was being referenced in the IPB attachments table was invalid. I found and corrected the code in ipb2.php and all was well. Below is the change.

$query2 = $this->old_db->simple_select("attachments", "COUNT(*) as attach_count", "attach_pid IN ($pids)");

$query2 = $this->old_db->simple_select("attachments", "COUNT(*) as attach_count", "attach_id IN ($pids)");

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[F] IPB 2.3.6 Test Conversion(Merge) - by BLWedge09 - 2008-11-08, 11:08 PM

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