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[F] Merage Posts Bug [R] [C-Michael83]
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hello guys ...

i found a bug in MyBB 1.4.3
i hope it helps to do lil sumthin sumthin in the next version ...

The Explain :
When you post a new topic and you make some replays on it ...
and you post another one with some replays in it too ...

and u search for your topics and replays

use this link :


okay select them all from the left (( the check mark it only show for Modrators ))

and from "Inline Post Moderation:" choose : "Merage Posts" and click "Go"

and now choose "Horizontal Rule" and click "Merage Posts" ...

good we are done ...

now go the forum

you gona find both of your topics (( That`s Count ))

try open the both ... one of them will open and the other will show somthing like that

((The specified post does not exist.))

That`s all

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