Forwarded Domain and Mybb Forum problem

I made a complete forum , based on MyBB .

And it's working perfectly

now i wanted a shorter URL so , i had a domain redirection(forwarding) with masking! which i have already used with other sites

now i'm trying it over the forum, but it's making lots of problems, especially on signin , like if signin, it says wrong pass, or it loging successfly but then u find that u still signing as a guest.

anyone know whyConfused??Smile

thanks in advance
I have this problem myself. But i have bought an domain so it works here now Wink
u bought a domain with hosting or just domain
u know i tried to buy i domain, i just have 7.28 $ in my CC and all the domain i found were 7.98 Confused hehe few cents Sad
I bought an webhotel + domain. (1500 MB space). like 18 $ or something. (I bought it in norwegian money so ;P)
hey, well that's good !! m u know i have to find a way that collect 2 CC together and use them, that work in LEBANON Smile coz i have one with 7.28 and one with 4 $ .

anyway Smile pls can u tell me how to add that AGE thing to the postbit Smile pls:$Angel

and pls i remembered something now Smile how to remove the split between the Sticky and normal ThreadsSmile

I believe masking URLs pose problems to any cookie-based websites, not just MyBB. However, I think in the future there may be an additional authentication system that will not require the use of cookies, but I'm not positive on that yet.
Dennis Tsang
Former MyBB Team Member
ok thx, then it's just masking the domain that causes this, so if i just make a redirection without masking sure it will workSmile

and again pls can someone tell me how to remove that split line bettwen stiky and normal threads

thx in advance

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