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[F] [Calender] HTML encoding / stripping problem [C-Chris]
This error occurs with version 1.4.3 with german language pack - but I think it will occur with english / each other language pack, too Wink

Here's a screenshot of this error:
[Image: mybb_14_bug.png]
(see date at 13st "Start des &quot"...)

I think this is a bug when trying to strip characters after encoding it at dates topic (in this case: Start des "Wrath of the Lich King" WoW Addons).

This bug isn't a real "high priority" bug, cause you can change the dates topic, so that the characters are stripped without destroying html entities - but nevertheless a statement of a developer would be nice Smile

Dreamwalker (from Germany)

PS: please excuse my poor skills at writing an english text (or at least something that sounds like an english text).

I just saw, that there's a "Bug Report" forum @ a mod: please move this thread to this forum - thanks Smile

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[F] [Calender] HTML encoding / stripping problem [C-Chris] - by Dreamwalker - 2008-11-12, 03:06 PM

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