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[Release] Awaiting Activation Message v1.2
(2009-01-24, 02:04 PM)Hapatio Wrote: Well done Matt! This is your first plugin i believe? I know youve been wanting to do one so well done and its really useful tidy little feature to have!

Thank you Smile Yep, first one, and yeah, I personally needed it so I thought I may as well try it.

(2009-01-24, 02:20 PM)atomicj Wrote: Good to go Smile

Good Big Grin

(2009-01-24, 05:06 PM)DanChorley Wrote: Excellent plugin considering most of the population have no common sense and do not read simple instructions Smile

Toungue Thanks Big Grin Yeah, a lot of people don't realise why they can't post, so hopefully, this will help out with that a bit Smile


It's now on the Mods site Smile
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