Willing to Pay for "Show New Replies to My Posts"
(2009-04-03, 09:01 PM)LeX- Wrote: ...Just posted a few posts with a test account in different threads; some i started and some i replied in; and they both show up into the results.
If anyone with more time for testing can try this =P...

1) Lex you are doing a great job trying to help. Smile
2) I don't think anyone fully understands what devnet wants.

"show replies to my posts" = Show me whenever anyone specifically replies to my input.

This, posted by me on another forum over two years ago, is (probably) what devnet is looking to pay for.
EDIT: If the feature below is not what he wants, I might consider trying to pay for it in the future (not now)

Seeker Wrote:Question About Usability

...I either did not fully understand his answer, or failed to make the exact question clear enough. Please, let me try again:

Main point: Let's assume you make a contribution to a thread on page 2-3.
For any reason, you are not able to keep up with (get back to) a fast moving thread which is now on page 15 (for example).

Interaction with others is one of the very best things about a community.
Somewhere on page '4-14', another member might have commented, asked a question, or 'smiled at' your contribution on page 2-3.

Is there an easy way to check (for that direct interaction) without needing to read or scan all 12 new pages?

Important Secondary Info:
On some forums (heavily modified) there is no general "post reply button."
The end user either 'replies to' the person who started the thread (quoting the text is optional), or they reply directly to the post of another member.

This click creates a 'data trail' which is used for a "self-search" function.
Now the end user can instantly (or three months later), very easily see every time someone else interacts with them.

Summary: Is there a fast, easy way to check, at any future time (for that direct interaction), without needing to read or scan all 12 new pages, of a quick moving thread?
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