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[release] Unread Threads/Replies Plugin 1.0
Unread Threads/Replies Plugin 1.0

This plugin adds options to display a list of unread topics (including those with new posts) since the user's last visit or for any specified number of days. There's an option to show only threads that the user has posted in (i.e. Show unread replies).
Usage: *forum_url*/search.php?action=unread
The default is unread topics since last visit.
Optional values:
fid - forum id - limits to a specific forum
my - only topics the user has posted in
days=# - the number of last days to show
all - no day limit, the only limit that there will be is the number you set in "Read Threads in Database (Days)", which is 7 by default (very little for my needs, I set it to 1000, though I don't know how badly it can reduce performance, I was trying to find out but no success yet: )

You can combine any of these, like:

This will show you all the topics you posted in with new posts within last 70 days (only those that you didn't read, of course).

The plugin was never tested besides on my own small board, you are welcome to test it.

Activating the plugin adds four new default links for users below "View New Posts" etc, you are welcome to edit them for your needs.

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[release] Unread Threads/Replies Plugin 1.0 - by rawonam - 2009-04-15, 03:15 PM

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