Discuss: MyBB 1.4.5 Released - Maintenance & Security Release
Just a few comments from a NOOB. I have only had a couple of weeks experience with MyBB. After much reading here, the initial install went off without a hitch. Smile When I saw there was an upgrade I had to read everything 3 times to realize I needed to download the "changed files zip" and upload a whole bunch of individual files to a bunch of directories ... without forgetting which ones I had done. I recalled that PHPBB had a process that would load those files with a single click. Ok, I backed up everything, used ACP to close the board and uploaded each changed file to the correct directory ... not too bad. Went to mydomain.org/myforum/install/upgrade.php and went through the steps there. I am happy to say it went ok. I didn't lose any plugins or style changes I had made. Big Grin I made another "after" backup of MySQL and noticed the text string name for the backup made through ACP is HUGE ( <snip> ) compaired to the length of the name of the "before" backup. Is that normal?

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