Discuss: MyBB 1.4.5 Released - Maintenance & Security Release
It appears the ease of installing/upgrading didn't go well for a few or some, but on the third try it worked out, i got the 143 upgrade prompt deal as well , from version 143, option, but no big deal, as long as i could go back and open the individual folders and find more that needed to be opened to get the other folders inside to the correct areas.
even at the end of the new 1.4.5 upgrade the 1.44 was not included in the upgrade drop down menu... but 1.4.5 was mentioned at the top to proceed and that it was successfully installed.

I notice that if some folders are not opened they simply will not make to by overwriting the main folder, there will just be added the inside folders of the upload, so rather having

admin/inc /plugins
one would have : admin/inc/plugins/plugins

and with the prompt not including the 144 description to upgrade in the drop down menu, was a little confusing ,

other than that worked out fine and went smooth and fast for me.

I can see where one might run into issues somewhat. this is not support. this is discussing the release and maintenance.

BTW,,, alot of work that went into it, i can see, and its much appreciated.
it appears the rush to get this out was important, although it would have been equally to add the little things that the last upgrade had , for ease of install and uploading correctly.

it just takes away from the excellent work that went into fixing the glitches and minor issues.

good job, Though! many thanks... Smile the verasatility of the use of my bb comes with a wide lattitude of upgrades , they all seem to be linked and dependant on how everything works and comes together , if not in the beginning somewhere down the road.
I can see how much work and brainstorming can go into trial and error work with testing, that is an extension of the support i presume others dont get to see, in their urgency an current issues regardless.

what else is funny, is these long waited releases are like extensions of support, i am now seeing,
so this is good, i wish i knew enough about this to make my own upgrades Toungue

I am a little slow , but am catching on seeing how it's done and goes.
just a constructive criticism opinion that's all guys.
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