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(2009-04-22, 03:33 AM)lufbra Wrote: My first thought was/is, does it always re-direct to the actual page? If so that'd be very annoying IMHO!

Second thought, the colours for the theme shown at the forum just don't seem to "click" for me.

Third thought...

Quote:WebAccess is one of my greatest creations coming soon, its an online little school where you may enroll and learn all about FTP, web design, coding (html, php, CSS, C++), and hosting. I will have volunteering instructors that will teach all these basic and advance techniques of starting a website or online business. The software is powered by Moodle. Though this project will not be launched in a long time, some time down the road it will be.

Aren't these already "out there"? It's not like it's anything original and how much would it cost to enrol?

Just my thoughts here.

Well WebAccess is a futur goal, again, it may not happend. I am trying to get my friends to instruct people that would like to learn something about web devolopement. There is probably stuff like this out there, but its always using third party, ads, pop ups, and hidden fees, this is a complete none paid organization. I really do see what you mean, but as I see it, everybuddy at first is always clueless about web devolepment at first. So as my understanding as a person myself getting out of my basics and going into my Guru point, I want to give something back for the new comers. We all have to really take time to slowly adapt to this stuff on our own somtimes (like me.) So why take 4-5 years (like me) to learn it when WebAccess is here to teach you how to do it in 2-3 trimesters? But of course if I ever launch this project.

But, about the forum and all, I am not stayen with MyBB as far as I know. vBulletin is coming real soon possibly.

Also, almost forgot, the redirection is just a welcome. That soon will be a CSS script of vBadvanced after reciving vB ownership liecence.

Bey Brad Wrote:That's a lot of words to describe another general discussion board.
Well its not a complete direction of a "General Discuss Forum," its something new that probably no one have thought of before.

I really do hope this answers your thoughts and negatives.

--Myster Dude

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