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Congratulations, it looks awesome Big Grin
Peter Akkies
Congrats, it looks great! Much better than the small site where you could only download MyBB Wink
jsoltesz.com - MyBB lead designer & team member since 2006
Yeah, everything looks better nowSmile
[Image: logo.png]
Congratualtions with the new website.

There is a lot of new info. I couldn't find the feature list before. I needed that to convince my organisation to transfer to mybb.

Small piece of criticism:
There is a typo in the "Welcome to the MyBB Announcements mailing list" e-mail. It says ".. If you wish to ubsubcribe from .."
Also, I just noticed this:

Quote:If you're already subscribed to the mailing list and wish to unsubscribe, please enter your email address below to be sent an ubsubscription confirmation email:

That is on the Mailing List page.

Also, I think I saw an "Its" that should be "It's" on the Support page:

Quote:Its also a great place to hang out and get to know other users and their experiences with MyBB.

If I remember correctly, It's is "It is," while "Its" is where you are saying what is owned by it.
jsoltesz.com - MyBB lead designer & team member since 2006
You haven't got anything any the plugin system. Ease of use etc.
Looks good.
Updated Site!
My mods
1.1: MyBB Zip Installer, Easy Install v2.0, Cash/Points plugin, PayPal/Subscriber, Reply by email, Advanced Plugins
It's really great. Good job. I just hope the final version of MyBB will look as good Wink
congrats, it looks awsome Smile
Good Job looks great!

Support Page looks alot like MSN Plus Toungue lol

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