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[Release 1.4.x] My vBulletin Fantastic v 1.0
(2009-05-19, 08:11 AM)Joshua Mayer Wrote: Just because you have a vB licence, doesn't mean you can use the images on a MyBB theme! You need to get permission from the vB group.

Thats true. I'm a theme developer and take copyright into alot of consiadation. Those images are copyrighted for use on only vBulletin powered forums. The theme you've made breaks that copyright.

If you don't remove those images I have no choice but to report you to vBulletin myself
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RE: [Release 1.4.x] My vBulletin Fantastic v 1.0 - by Jag100 - 2009-05-19, 10:04 AM

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