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[Release 1.4.x] My vBulletin Fantastic v 1.0
Ghazal, I've removed the download/information links for this theme in the original post.

I've taken a look at your theme's images, and a vBulletin I'm working on. They are exactly the same (practically pixel to pixel). Even if they aren't the same images, you still can't use them as they resemble the original images, they are still within vBulletin's copyright, as far as I know.

It would be like me taking IPB3 and releasing it out of beta, and saying 'Look what I've made!'.

Even if you've taken their images, and changed the formatting - they are still their images. You must change the images you've used in this theme - I hear vBulletin are taking things seriously considering vB4 is on the way this summer.

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RE: [Release 1.4.x] My vBulletin Fantastic v 1.0 - by Tomm M - 2009-05-19, 12:08 PM

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