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[RELEASE] Steven's Custom Footer
After downloading and installing "the new" MyBB for the first time just a few days ago, I immediately fell in love with the simplicity of the hook system. I set off to create a very simple mod to get comfortable with the admin panel settings and template management. Out came this mod which I use on my own board (not yet open, but it will in the near future!). Although it was more of a personal achievement for me, I decided that it would actually be useful to many so here I am submitting it. Smile

Steven's Custom Footer adds a global (on every page) custom footer to your MyBB installation. This is great for adding affiliate links, donation links, images, quotes, or moving your copyright off the actual layout to make room for other page elements. Text color defaults to the forum's style's overall color. You can change this by encasing your footer with:
<span style="color: #ffffff;">{footer}</span>
Where {footer} is your footer.

Installation instructions are in the README.

  • Global custom footer on every page without the hassle of editing template files
  • A Toggle option to eliminate the need to deactivate the plugin (and lose your saved footer)
  • Full HTML code support
  • Settings are changed from the admin panel - no editing of PHP files
  • Completely free

[Image: screen1.png]

[Image: screen2.png]

I hope everyone enjoys and finds a use for this plugin! I do plan on developing this more in the future, so feel free to post suggestions.

Also, I would really appreciate a donation if you find this plugin useful. This is not required, but I have to pay for hosting to develop plugins. Smile Thanks!
[Image: btn_donate_SM.gif]

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[Image: 422.png]

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