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[RELEASE] Steven's Custom Footer
(2009-06-02, 02:56 AM)Bey Brad Wrote: I think this is pretty sloppy, no offense. For starters, you should've used a CSS class for the footer instead of editing the span style. And this doesn't seem any easier than editing the footer template itself.

It just seems like a solution in search of a problem.

None taken; this is my first plugin.

Also, why would I include a CSS class? Generally the overall text color should contrast well enough against the background - the whole <span> stuff was if someone wanted to change the color of the text without changing the entire text color. There is no reason to include a new CSS class to hold one attribute.

Again, I created this as my first plugin; it was never meant to solve any problem other than to eliminate the hassle of directly editing the template files (and to get me used to editing templates, etc).

(2009-06-02, 02:52 AM)ghazal Wrote:
(2009-06-01, 03:18 AM)Steven Wrote:
<span style="color: #ffffff;">{footer}</span>
Where {footer} is your footer.

{footer} is usually written as {$footer} ... am I right ?

It was meant as a placeholder, not a template variable.
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