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Nitemares Mod List
ok, i've got 3 mods on my belt, seems like time to make a list:

1.Emergency Message System (V 3.7.0)(MyBB 1.2.*)(Updated 09/16/07)

This Plugin will display a message to users on every page or just the index page, based on the settings you set.
you can change the message "theme" to 3 different colour choises or set it to your theme (welcome message)
all your smilies also work in the message
it can also be set to a pop up message if you REALLY need to get your message across, but some poeple don't like pop ups
there is a small "Created by Nitemare" label on the bottom of it
all other information can be found in the Readme file
now compatable with the "Advanced Plugins" plugin

Preview 1:

Preview 2: Http://

2.Ad Randomizer System (V 4.0.0)(MyBB 1.2.*)(Updated 09/16/07)
this mod will display a banner on your forum, at random, from a mysql database table

i've worked on it some more,

-Add/edit/delete feature
-displays a random banner from the database in the forum footer
-displays all the banners in the banneradmin
-set a maximum number of views, after that number the banner will expire, or set it for infinate views
-you can disable a banner so it will not be displayed
-very nifty admin panel

Preview: Admin Panel

3. Avatar Caption(MyBB PR2)
This mod will currently display an avatar caption in your default user CP page and your user information on the postbit

as for the profile it will display your own for other peoples this is a known bug, i haven't been able to figure it out yet, haven't had time

warning:deactivating this will permenently remove all captions from the database, this can't be undone
alittle notice: i have currently found 3 bugs with this plugin, the first being that i forgot to remove the "echo $acaption" line from the last function, AND the second being that when you veiw the profile for other people, it displays your own caption by mistake

i am currently working on a fix for the second one, i'll keep you updated

i may also mayve it advanced plugin compatable

4. Private Message Admin(MyBB 1.0*)
i didn't create this mod, it was created by tikitiki but i did have an part in it

All the Private Messages on your board may be managed in this plugin. You can read any you'd like and can soon choose to delete or archive (keep, but users cannot view) the messages as well, along with many other options soon to come.
My mods
-Emergency Message System
-Ad Managment System
-Avatar caption

good that you start to make mods. but avatar caption is already made by k776 !

btw ummi have a fast mod for that, which i have applied to my site.

go to
Admin CP > Users and Groups > Custom Profile Fields

Make a new one called Caption.

and your done!!

the $post[fid4] will be added automaticly to the postbit_avatar.

and in case you wanna remove the field where u edite your user title, just change the permission of a specific group, and disallow it from doing that.

or simply clear the content of usercp_profile_customtitle

no, k776 never made that mod, i think he made the tutorial, i turned it in to a mod, and plus that was for rc4 i belive, its a little different
My mods
-Emergency Message System
-Ad Managment System
-Avatar caption
i've updated the AD rotar system like i said i would
My mods
-Emergency Message System
-Ad Managment System
-Avatar caption
It's spelt caption

And I've stickied your thread Wink
Dennis Tsang
Former MyBB Team Member
haha, yeah, spellings never been my strong suitToungue

thanks for the spell check
My mods
-Emergency Message System
-Ad Managment System
-Avatar caption
For MyBB 1 Final or MyBB PR2?
Best Regards, Oded Dwek
MyBB Hebrew Support Site | Hebrew Pack | My Forum
Hebrew Translator, and the owner of UserID 2000!.
all my mods are currently for PR2, i'm busy with work, but i'll update them as soon as i can
My mods
-Emergency Message System
-Ad Managment System
-Avatar caption
the emergency message system, AD rotar system, and as far as i know, the pm admin are compatabel with MyBB 1.0 final, if you experiance problems, please e-mail or PM me
My mods
-Emergency Message System
-Ad Managment System
-Avatar caption
i've updated the Ad managment system, heres version 3.2.0 beta, any errors please contact me

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My mods
-Emergency Message System
-Ad Managment System
-Avatar caption

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