Display different message to different users?
Atm I don''t have much time to look at it but tomorrow I will see what I can do.
Ok broger, try this. I just tested it and it works fine.

$frenchemails = "[email protected]";
if ($frenchemails = substr($frenchemails, -3) == ".fr"{
echo "<p>Bonur bla bla french message </p>";
echo "<p>Welcome bla bla english message</p>";

What I did here, is that I passed the substr() function a test negative number as its second starting index argument. So it will count from the end rather than the begining of the string. I.e. It will show the french message to all your members that have submitted an email address ending in .fr and another message to all your other members who have submitted a different email address.

Atm my free time is very limited. I don''t have time to make it in a plugin. If you can''t implement it yourself, then ask someone else to do it for you. Note that you might have to pay them cos not everyone has lots of free time.
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