What's the lowest amount of RAM for a VPS?
(2009-08-25, 10:25 PM)Yumi Wrote: A 32bit OS running on a 64bit host theoretically should NOT give any compatibility issues. Especially the case with scripts as they don't even care about the underlying kernel...
cPanel does not work on a 32bit CentOS using a 64bit kernel. I've read other scripts having compatibility issues because of yum. If you have a 32bit OS running on a 64bit kernel you have to edit your yum repositories because they attempt to grab the x86_64 packages which do not work, but even after overriding the repositories some scripts like cPanel check the kernel for the architecture and will not allow you to install 32bit packages on a 64bit kernel. Of course, cPanel will not run on a 64MB VPS, but other scripts have the same issue.

(2009-08-25, 10:29 PM)Zomaian Wrote: Well if you want to run a server that includes a cPanel and that doesn't crash every day I suggest not going under 384MB but really want a good server get 2-4GB Wink.
Considering this thread has nothing to do with cPanel I don't see how it matters. Also, you can host over 1000 cPanel account with a 1.6GHz CPU and less than 1GB of RAM. Wink
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