What's the lowest amount of RAM for a VPS?
I would agree that anything under 128MB is a waste and you would be better off with a shared hosting environment. People want VPS's normally don't need them. Shared hosts are pretty good nowadays and very cost effective. Why run a server that's subpar (VPS) and deal with updating and maintaining. It's likely if you have a VPS it's not managed and the renter has no clue how to manage it. You can rent a server for fairly cheap at many places for as little as $50 and you'll get much better specs than a VPS. Hosts love VPS as it's a total money maker. They can split up a server 10+ ways and not do a thing for you.

I have shared hosting at 2 places and never had any serious issues. Dreamhost has handled Mybb Central along with a couple dozen other sites totally fine for about $8 a month.

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