What's the lowest amount of RAM for a VPS?
(2009-08-30, 07:22 AM)labrocca Wrote:
Quote:Custom applications (ie not a website).

Why wouldn't you run it from your local computer then if it's not a website? Just curious in what situation would an application require a VPS and the app wasn't a website in some form. Even Google Apps are technically websites frontends.
Not all ISPs allow users to run servers (though you could probably set it up nonetheless).
Also issues such as us Australians with horrible upload speeds - it can be more effective to use a cheap US server. Also saves you from keeping the machine on all the time.

There are other uses of course, such as a server for storing backups. You could use shared hosting too, but could be problematic if you can't find a provider which doesn't mind you hosting large files (assuming backups are large), or you want to have shell access to perform some manipulation on the backups.

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