What's the lowest amount of RAM for a VPS?
I've stated earlier that the point of these VPSs I'm trying to design aren't meant for users who just want a VPS to host a normal website. Yes, shared hosting is a better option for 90% of the users but some users cannot get by on shared hosting even for a single website because of many factors.

Dedicated resources is a big factor along with accessibility and control. Even a 64MB VPS offers more dedicated resources than a shared hosting environment since the user is not restricted to the host's php.ini limits and have root access to adjust the modules and security.

I have plenty of users who would be perfect candidates for a 64MB VPS because they do developement work and Host2x's security settings are to strict to properly test their scripts. In my experience, CPU is one of the biggest benefits of getting a VPS because the amount of CPU isn't restricted by the host.

I'm not expecting people to run the next Google or MySpace on a 64MB VPS, but I won't discount the idea of it being developed on one. Wink
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