Not Solved RELEASE: Digitart 1.0 Xtreme (Oxide Skins Thread)
Not Solved
I've got a new preview here... Now I have a header for my skin, and a brand for my upcoming skins Toungue hehe

Hope you guys like the header, it's simple, and clean.
As you can see, the borders were changed as my textured border css doesn't work on IE. I also changed the Category Header look, now it has stripes too, and it's now green. I also changed the table color alternation from vertical to horizontal. Lastly, I added a 3D effect to tables, like they did with the Satellite Skin.

My computer's monitor is colorblind (some of you might be able to relate - "BOKA" monitors suck), so some color fixes might be done
Recent Oxide Skins
[Image: digitart2dt.gif]

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