Not Solved Belloman's Themes (Crystal Black Added!)
Not Solved
The Crystal Theme series is no longer supported. Please use the Afresh theme series for MyBB 1.4.

These themes were remade for MyBB 1.2 - find more details on that here

MyBB Crystal
I decided to create a set of themes all with the same basic template and design, just in different colors. I plan on creating 9 or more themes for this set of themes, and this set is called MyBB Crystal. These thems are just created in my spare time at my forum, just for fun. Classic Navigation thanks to Smethead's Classic Navigation. (Classic Navigation Plugin not required to use theme with Classic Navigation)

Crystal White (page 1)
Crystal Red (page 1)
Crystal Green (page 1)
Crystal Black (page 2)

Coming Soon:
Crystal Blue
Crystal Purple

Crystal White II
Crystal Red II
Crystal Green II - MyBB lead designer & team member since 2006

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