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Yay! This is good news actually, because it means there is active development going on!

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Quote:This is good news actually, because it means there is active development going on!
Not necessarily, all it could mean is that we felt like changing a few files because of security exploits.

However, we are quite actively engaging in the development of 1.1 or 1.2 (depending on the number of changes).

@FeeferGross: How can you think that there's no improvement going on, when there's just no update for 10 days?? Wink

Thanks for the update Developers, I'm pretty interested in the affects on the Group Permission thingy Smile


EDIT: On the Index Page there's still the "Important: MyBB 1.01 (Security Update) Released (28/12/2005)" Update Smile
Thanx for update....

Day to day Mybb is getting more powerful...
Shouldn't mybb_102_changed_files.zip contain usercp.php? [Image: msn_dunno.gif]
no, the affected files are:
* admin/moderate.php
* admin/themes.php
* inc/functions.php
* inc/functions_upload.php
* printthread.php

usercp2.php was 1.01 Smile
what the update doing? what is the bugs that u fix? can u say?
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Its good to see updates =D
Thanks, Although im not using MyBB Sad
I Moved server and it has many bugs (The server) So now im waiting for bug fixes and ill run again MyBB Wink

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