Discuss: MyBB 1.02 - Security Update [7/1/2006]
matzon Wrote:Please consider doing somekind of automation on updates.
I have consistently seen boards that aren't upgraded because it takes an effort and if you forget an upgrade or two - you'll never upgrade because of the effort it takes to apply the updates sequentially.

However much this is an issue of the administrator not doing his job, it will over time mean that mybb will look like it's very vulnurable because there is a certain percentage of boards that never gets patched.

Ideally (I know this isn't an easy job - but it should be done) there would be an 'upgrade to latest' button in the CP which would wget the relevant files and apply each of the patches as required (probably by a script in each patch
The developers cant make an automated system like Windows Update for example as you will need to provide your FTP details in order for the updates to be uploaded/added automatically, unless your host allows anonomous users to upload, which I dought. This is pretty much very insecure and probably not a route the developers want to take!

Although I think having a link/button on the Version Check page saying, Download Updates Now (if there are updates avaible, which when the user clicks the updates start to downloadload, therefore all the user has to do is upload the patched files or update to his/her hosting account rather than having to come here first and thn download the patches.

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