[Request] Promotion System
chiefsaab Wrote:I had once suggested a system whereby a member is automaticaly promoted to a certain group by acquiring a set mark of reputation. I think some proceedure is already in place which takes you from Member to Senior member. This is user title but this could also be used to give some users some certain titles. But anyway, your suggestion is nice. Hope someone jumps in Smile
I remember this. I think I realised your suggestion for RC4, but it wasn't downloaded enough to update to 1.0x and was only changing the usertitles. It was through the member rating via profile, but I think it would have been better if I had used the reputation system.
I might create one which changes the usergroups if you get a certain amount of post or reputation.
But the problem with the reputation is that it can be diminished by other users. What if a user gets a certain reputation and becomes part of a new usergroup. And a little bit later, the user gets -X reputation, so he is below the required amount of reputation for his usergroup. Will he then fall back to his previous usergroup?

EuroBEAT Wrote:I am also finding the way "reputation" is presented a little bit blunt. Did anyone came out with some other type of "graphs" to represent this function?
I created an alternative reputation system, which makes the reputations show as numbers instead of those bars. Maybe you like it and if you don't, just remove it again. It's a plugin, so it won't be of any problem. If you're interested, you can find it here: http://community.mybboard.net/showthread.php?tid=2432

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