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[Plugin for Mybb 1.4.*] Custom Page!
Name: Custom Page!

Type: Plugin for Mybb

Version: For any versions of Mybb 1.4* series.

Funcionality: This plugin will allow you to add a custom page to your forum. To install this plugin, upload the inc folder and the custompage.php file inside the plugin package to the root of your forum preserving the structure intact. Then go to Settings where you will find the settings of the plugin. You can enable and disable the plugin, enter the title and the message that you want to use for your custom page and also choose which usergroups can access the Custom Page. When users are viewing the custom page, their action will show at the online list as well.

Anyway, to have an idea how this plugin looks like in action, please check the attached screenshots below.

Licence: GPL

Download link:. To download this plugin registration only is required.

Note: All the support questions are best to be asked at my forum as this topic here is meant more as a release one. Thank you.

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Contact me in private only if you need paid help with mybb-related issues. Otherwise, please don''t, unless I invite you to. Thanks Smile

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