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[Plugin for Mybb 1.4.*] Custom Page!
(2010-01-13, 05:43 PM)querschlaeger Wrote:
(2010-01-13, 05:37 PM)babjusi Wrote: Because it is not ethical to hijack someones''s plugin thread with links to your own plugins but whatever, each to its own.

Okay... I'm sorry! You are allowed to hijack one of my threads (if you want)! Wink

I'm back to topic:

It'S better to create an own page on Admin CP. It's more powerfull and your are not limited on settings page. Try it. You will see, it's very easy. I think you will create very powerfull plugins if you break out from settings page! Smile

I am not like that.

As I already stated in my first post, all we needed was a simple custom page for the forum that I coded it originally. When we will need more custom pages I will expand my plugin to include them. But for the moment it is fine the way it is.
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Contact me in private only if you need paid help with mybb-related issues. Otherwise, please don''t, unless I invite you to. Thanks Smile

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