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alright, now i got why i wasn't able to access to the board Smile

thanks chris Big Grin
Good one mate, Thanks for getting on top of it so quickly and patching it.

I'll add the hacker details to the 'Bastard-List' in banned IP's etc. Wink
I wish it hadn't happened at all. Well, It would have been better if it happened tomorrow when my connection wasn't capped (Trying to restore backup + Find exploit + Write patch + Brother downloading = Not good).

I'm hoping (as the access logs were somehow corrupt - full of question marks), that this is what the attacker exploited.
I had a play today after reading DennisTT thing about a User with the same name... albeit some embedded code after DennisTT.

I had a play with a "test" site and found that extended ANSI/Ascii codes can be put into the message base... using ALT+ whatever. Maybe of no value to you, just thought I'd mention it as one of the codes I used wanted to print a lot of stuff and clog up the system, without actually doing anything. ??
Chris are u going to make furthure actions to DEDO ??
Is there a way for me to get my hands on the hacker's ip address to ban him from my server?
well yeah these are his details
name: dedo
Email Address: [email protected]
IP Address:

Thanks, upgraded/updated my forums.
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Hmm no wonder I can't access the forum just now..

Going to upgrade my forums now

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