one installation split across mutiple subdomains (beta testers needed)
(2010-06-12, 10:35 PM)zDawg32 Wrote: it's like a MyBB version of Wordpress MU

Yes, I'll try it Smile
I found some issues on a 1.4 install I have, so I need to work on it a little bit more before sending out another version. I will get back to you. Thanks!
(2010-06-13, 12:42 AM)seeker Wrote:
(2010-06-11, 07:14 AM)pavemen Wrote: ...oh, and it will also change the 'bburl' variable in memory so all links stay within the subdomain

Looks great pavemen,
Any chance of adding support for folders instead of sub-domains? Would that require much extra coding?
I would help test that one, but don't ever use sub-domains.
Thank you.
Folders are possible I suppose but they would most likely require that you setup symlinks for those folders as the plugin assumes a single installation of MyBB and only limits the forums/cats to show given the URI
(2010-06-13, 08:15 AM)trilobyte- Wrote: Just a suggestion:
This would be great in different domains too. Not just subdomians. Smile
Security issue amd hard to do with cross site cookies and session info. You wont stay logged in across the domains.
(2010-06-13, 09:47 AM)seeker Wrote: ^^^
FYI: He's working with a single login to all sub-domains; Setting multiple cookies to work over multiple domains is a security risk, and not easy to do.
Agreed, thanks.
(2010-06-13, 02:28 PM)41shots Wrote: Interesting, if only the feature to add domains to each sub was available it would be quite usefull to me.
Not sure what you mean here. Example?
Lost interest, sold my sites, will browse here once in a while. It's been fun.

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