one installation split across mutiple subdomains (beta testers needed)
Bringing this back from the dead. I have an updated file that is in beta2 now.

The plugin file is attached and USE AT YOUR RISK.

To use, create your subdomains and direct them to the same folder that has the forum files. Do NOT point them to their own folders.

DO NOT make copies of the forum files. A single install is fine.

Upload plugin, activate and edit settings. Enable main switch, specify subdomains you have setup on your account that you want to use for the forum, specify the Category IDs that you want to fall into each subdomain, specify the theme ID you want to apply to each subdomain.





The above will make:

'www.' show all forums with the default theme
'4x4.' limit to category 1 and all its forums and use theme ID 3
'atv.' is limited to categroies 3,4 and 7 and all their forums and use the default theme.

The new plugin file now redirects links to forums/threads/posts in other subdomains to their correct domains. This means that the reported posts links or old external links are properly redirected.

Also, as you likely noted above, each subdomain can have its own theme (and related template). However, if a user overrides the assigned theme, that will be used. So if you have template specific links in the theme they may not be visible to a user. This is likely not an issue and can be overcome if you set the theme for each forum and category in the ACP and force the override of user settings.

Please note, if you are going to use the 'ALL' option, it MUST BE FIRST in the list.

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