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WTB: Forums $X,XXX budget
(2010-08-01, 03:22 PM)Rafael Wrote: Hi to all,

I'm interested in buy MyBB Forums (or any software forums) but since we're at then I assume that you've a MyBB board to offer.

My Requeriments to consider a buy are simple:
- No porn or any kind of adult content.
- No warez/cracks/blackhat stuff.
- No Paid to post users.
- No brand new forums.

Priority on purchases to:
- Top Level Domains.

I want to get from you:
- Domain included with the forum Database and files.

Please don't post a response to this thread, PM me with your offers and please include in the PM:
- Price expected
- Forum stats (threads, users, posts)
- Revenue history (if any)
- Google Analytics stats or any kind of traffic proof (if any)

As the title said, there's a budget of $X,XXX for buying the forums, this doesn't mean that I'm willing to pay $9999 for each offered forum, it means that if your forum it's good, and worth then, I can afford a reasonable price for it.


Ill PM you

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