Search bb code?
you probably need two codes, one for the main link and the other for the anchor, but it will be tough as you can end up with multiple anchors with the same name in a thread if two of the same type of posts are made.

you could make [anchor=10batch]1.0 Batch[/anchor] which could result in an <a name=10batch> replacement

and then [link=10batch]click here for 1.0 batch[/link] which would make a <a href=main_part_of_url#10batch>click here for 1.0 batch</a> type replacement but you need to figure out the code for the "main part of the url" part, if its even possible.

otherwise you can go back and edit the post to add regular URL codes with the anchors in them

Lost interest, sold my sites, will browse here once in a while. It's been fun.

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