Looking for a older version of MyBB

I am looking for an older version of MyBB, does anyone know where i can get it?


which version exactly? i have them all since pr2 and above
I don't think its available anymore officially.

I wouldn't suggust using older versions as they could have security issues and bugs

zaher1988 Wrote:which version exactly? i have them all since pr2 and above

Anything before 1.1.1


well, whats the one release below 111
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1.1.1 is only a patch, nothing much different between 1.1 and 1.1.1.

if you are looking to some significante difference, you should have wheter pr2, or RC4
I have MyBB from 1.02 to 1.1.1. Need any of them?
Why do you keep those old versions? Smile
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Quote:Why do you keep those old versions?
i have from pr2 till the latestToungue
First, a bit of a warning. These old MyBB versions contain security vulnerabilities which are mostly known to the public. Using them in a production environment is a mistake. We also do not provide support for these versions.

MyBB 1.0 PR 2

MyBB 1.0

MyBB 1.02

MyBB 1.03

MyBB 1.04

MyBB 1.1

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