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Solved: 9 Years, 5 Months, 2 Weeks ago Error When Importing SMF 2 Database
Solved: 9 Years, 5 Months, 2 Weeks ago
(2011-02-20, 04:40 AM)Oceander Wrote: Wow. I'm impressed with the rapid response. I'm considering migrating an SMF 1.1.13 forum over to another forum software, largely because SMF doesn't seem to have much in the way of official CMS integration tools, and so now I'm window-shopping like an old miser pinching pennies (going from store to store to tick off each and every detail). If you folks provide this level of responsiveness even half the time, then MyBB just moved up the list considerably.

I must tell You something very important about comparison SMF and MyBB. I work on SMF 2.0RC4 last week and see what is that prog.
SMF have BIG, BIG, BIG problem >>inside code<<< When install some modules or plug, in many cases plugs have Message: >"Test Failed"< about more than >>>90%<<< of all module/plugs. And for me that is incredible hard job for working in software! I try everything, even change some things in php, but with lose my time and when I finish something....finally, again, again and again have Errrors inside program. From text, post messages, post reply, etc, SMF have not possibility to be good and stable software. Before a few days I install MyBB.
This is BIG DIFFERENCE in all WAYS. I have not idea how is that possible with some piece of software. I try many things in MyBB and every thing WORK just like I imagine, just right! From me, this is not some propaganda or else, this is really true And I suprise with MyBB.
All plugs work perfect, and sistem inside MyBB is PERFECT!
Somethimes I ask myself, why is this beautifull piece of software in many propaganda websites who tested all Boards on 5,6,7 place???
Even vB >have not< speed and funcionality of this what have MyBB.
Dear friend, You just install your MyBB and work, work and work.
Don't think in way where are You lose your time, money and health. With this You are in all time without confusing, every thing in finish is precise and very important thing for Forum Administrator-"IN TIME!".
Thats all! Good luck.
MyBB is BEST Forum Software. Try it and You feel enormous difference what is it Heart

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