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Outlaw Star UK - Anime Board
[Image: olsuksig.png]

This is an anime board based on the anime Outlaw Star, though all anime fans are welcome. The main site uses WordPress, though the forums of course run MyBB. I'm also soon going to complete (to a good stage) the gallery section which runs TinyWebGallery, and the wiki which runs MediaWiki.

The forum's default skin is The Cure, modified by myself with a new colour scheme and random banner image rotation. It has a couple of other themes which can be chosen using the theme selector at the bottom. The forum makes good use of NewPoints and My Achievements. I have added custom ranks, achievements, and items that can be purchased at the item shop.

Unfortunately, I am currently administrating the forum as a one-man team so it is difficult to work on every other aspect of the site and take care of the little things, like achievements, ranks, etc. But I am going to work on more icons soon. Smile The pixel art can be a little fun even if I'm not brilliant at it. The forum is not very popular, but I am happy with it so far. It's a bit like a small family and I've got to know quite a few members. It's my first experience as an administrator, and quite a thrilling experience it is.
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