Editing posts causes missing text
Do you have any modifications or plugins installed?
Nope. It's a fresh MyBB install. I used a phpBB converter I found on these forums to move topics and threads from my old forum. The thread I am editing is one that was newly posted since the migration, but other users report this happening when they edit any post, including those that were migrated.

After the phpBB migration, I did a sanity check on all the forum's settings and it looks OK. If there are suspect settings I should check more closely, let me know.
Are you able to provide me with a link to your forum so I can take a look myself?

If you don't want it public, please send it in a private message.

The forum is for my WoW guild, and it's at http://www.retiredsquirrels.com/forum

Unregistered users as well as registered users who are not a member of the guild can post in the public-access topic. Let me know if you need any more information.

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